Monday, 14 July 2014

50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4s at Packwood House

Good afternoon Positively Packwood readers! I do hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend of sunshine and visiting some of the many gorgeous special places that the National Trust has to offer.

I was back at Packwood this week after another week off (for work rather than holiday unfortunately…darn jobs cutting into volunteering time!) It was fabulous to be back and there were a few changes to see; the dining room is now fully open for visitors to wander round and plan their fantasy dinner parties…well that’s what I do!?

I met some fantastic visitors again and had lots of lovely chats about small beds, antique Delft tiling, conservation awareness and the many and varied explanations for why cutlery was placed ‘face down’. We still don’t have a definitive answer, fun to discuss though.
So today’s blog is dedicated to the little people. There were some fantastic kids at Packwood this weekend; I particularly enjoyed the two girls who accompanied me on door duty; complete with their own dragons! They were terribly inquisitive as to how I could possibly be married…but without children!? I’m used to fending these questions off from my family…not so much two very persistent, small strangers!
I am always impressed with a good idea. The 50 things to do before you are 11 and ¾’s is a blooming brilliant idea. Childhood memories captured in a list it is a clever and beautiful thing. I’ve met many children conscientiously carrying their books around Packwood looking out for things to be able to tick off. So I thought I’d give them and their ‘handlers’ a bit of a head start and let you in on what of the ‘50 things’ can be ticked off at Packwood.

First gods we would like more of this please...possibly without the cloud!?

With the summer holidays so tantalisingly close we’d best get going…

  1. Climb a tree – check out the Welly walk & woods and get climbing! You might even find a special something hidden away in the woods…
6. Run around in the rain – Most definitely possible! This is the British Summer remember!
11. Go on a really long bike ride – With Baddesley Clinton within cycling distance perhaps you could complete this one and see 2 amazing properties in one day
12. Make a trail with sticks – Why not make a trail in the woods with sticks, then get your big humans to follow it?
13. Make a Mud Pie – The Welly walk provides PLENTY of mud after a few rainy days
15. Play in the Snow – Perhaps not until next year…
17. Set up a snail race – I’m sure the kitchen gardener’s could point you in the direction of a couple of snails; they’d be glad to give them a job other than eating our lettuce!
24. Go on a walk barefoot – In the Yew garden…what an experience! Don’t forget your shoes when you’re done though!?
25. Make a grass trumpet – With the long grasses from the meadow or round the lake
31. Hunt for bugs – There are plenty of creepy crawlies and mini beasts to be found in all our gardens, leave the digging to the gardeners though please, you can always offer to help.
32. Find some frogspawn – In the lake
44. Go bird watching – Lots of birds call Packwood home. See swifts flying over the house and our resident robin

Ready for your barefoot walk

And why isn't hosting your very own Teddy Bears Picnic one of the 50 Things?! 

Of course there's lots to do at Packwood that are far too specific for the 50 things...

You can also...

  • Hunt for Dalmatian dogs hidden throughout the house
  • Lie on a carved 4 poster bed in a field
  • Host a Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Find a hidden beehive (or 3)
So what are you waiting for? We'll see you there!

Here some links to more info on The fantastic '50 Things' campaign...

And don't forget to tell us on Twitter when you complete your adventures! 



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